Gain Super STRENGTH & Build MUSCLE Mass Without Moving An Inch

Are You Sick of Doing Endless Push Ups?

Do Your Joints Throb After Lifting Heavy Weights?


You might be one of the millions of people that do endless repetitions of push ups and squats only to get frustrated because you are NOT seeing results. Maybe you have tried the macho-gym-heavy-weight-lifting thing and left feeling like an old man because your shoulders, low-back and knees were crushed under the weight of the bar.

Time-tested research has PROVEN that Isometric Exercises DRASTICALLY Improve Strength, Increase Power & Build Muscular Size.

What are Isometric Exercises? They are exercises where you contract the muscle but don't actually move.

The NEW 8 Week Isometrics Strength Program will help you build muscle and lose fat using a short 30 minute isometric workout done 3-4 days a week. The BEST part is you can do it anywhere!

The SECRET To Building Muscle With Isometrics Is Combining
All 3 Forms of Isometric Contraction...

  • Static Contraction

    Lift your arms up and flex your biceps as hard as you can. Come on… flex harder. Great! You just did Static Contraction!

    When doing this form of isometric you contract the muscle in space. The joint does not move but you give the muscle a good ‘ol squeeze. In the program, I’ll teach you how to recruit the maximum amount of muscle fibers in a muscle group so you tear muscle tissue without ever moving the muscle. Pretty neat, huh?

  • Yielding

    Put your hands in a “prayer” position. Squeeze your hands together as much as possible. Do you feel your chest muscles contract? Did that feel different than the Static Contraction?

    Yielding Isometrics are where there is an opposing force pressing against your muscle. You resist the force but don’t allow your joint to move. Even if the force increases you hold your ground. This second type of Isometrics is great for developing strength and power.

  • Overcoming

    Face a wall and get into a low lunge position. Place your hands on the wall and push with all of your might. Come on… Try to push that wall over!

    This is an example of Overcoming Isometrics and it challenges your muscles to a greater intensity because you are pushing an immovable object. There is no way for the object to move so you are able to exert all of your force and recruit every muscle fiber you have.

Who Am I?

My name is Todd Kuslikis and I am the founder of and creator of Isometrics Strength. I've been teaching people how to build muscle & lose body fat without weights for 10 years. I first became mesmerized with isometrics 15 years ago when my Kenpo Karate instructor showed me how he could essentially, turn his arm into a steel bar. His trick was his ability to tense every muscle fiber in his arm.

Since then, I have incorporated isometrics into my workouts and have reaped the benefits first hand. My increase in muscle mass and improved strength have been only two of the many benefits I have personally enjoyed.

Say Good-Bye To Long, Boring & Dangerous Workouts. Say Hello To
The Power Of Isometric Strength!

Inside The Isometrics Strength Program, You'll Learn...

    • A simple method of contracting your muscles in a way that tears muscle tissue comparable to heavy weight lifting.
    • 3 Ancient breathing techniques that help you engage every muscle fiber in a muscle group.
    • The correct muscle position that you need in order to tear tissue fully with isometrics.
    • How to properly integrate isometric exercises into your current bodyweight or weight training routine.
    • The isometric methods of old school strong men and how you can use these techniques in your own practice.
    • Over 25 different isometric exercises that you can add to your personal exercise toolbox.
    • The proper way to eat in order to pack on muscle mass and stimulate muscle growth.
    • The right way to eat in order to lose fat quickly without losing lean muscle.
    • The 50/40/10 Rule for adding isometrics to your current strength training program.
    • How isometrics can help you recover from injuries faster than any other recovery method.
    • An isometric method of overcoming muscular imbalances so you'll never have assymetrical problems again.
    • How scientific research has proven that isometric exercises are a powerful method for gaining muscle and strength.
    • How Time Under Tension plays a critical role in isometric muscle growth.
    • A simple visualization technique that helps you engage all the muscle fibers (not just the needed ones).

    Todd brings a completely unique approach to training that’s so far removed from everything I’ve done with my own training that, I’ll be honest, I was a little apprehensive to try his methods. But holy crap do they work. Todd’s programs are awesome. And Isometrics Strength is his best accomplishment yet. I highly recommend it.

    Chad Howse

    Creator, The Man Diet


    What's Included In The Isometrics Strength Program?

    Isometrics Strength ebook

    The Isometrics Strength ebook is a 50 page ebook that will teach you everything you need to know about isometrics. You will begin the journey by learning about old school strong men and how they incorporated isometrics into their programs and build superhuman strength. You will then dive into research based studies that prove utilizing isometrics are a superior method for building muscle, size and strength. You will learn about the 3 types of isometrics, the principles of isometrics, breathing techniques, visualization techniques, and much more... leading you to your destination of a more muscular, stronger you.

    Isometrics Workout Plan & Exercise Descriptions

    The Isometrics Strength Workout Plan teaches you how to perform the isometrics workouts. The workouts are divided into 2 phases: 1) Isolated Isometrics and 2) Whole Body Isometrics. When combined together they give you a complete training protocol for building muscle quickly. Best of all, it can be done in about 30 minutes. The Workout Plan ebook contains pictures and exercise descriptions enabling you the ability to properly perform each exercise.

    Isometric Training Log Sheets

    The Isometrics Training Log Sheets make tracking your workouts simple and to the point. No need to write down number of reps or total amount lifted. Instead, simply mark an 'X' after each completed exercise. These sheets also provide weekly 'Focuses' that guide you in a natural strength progression. First, you will focus on learning the postures and the breathing techniques. Next, you will incorporate more advanced methods of tearing muscle tissue using isometrics. Lastly, you will be fully adept at engaging your muscles to create muscle growth and strength gains.

    Isometrics Nutrition Program

    Do you ever feel confused about what to eat? Do you wish you knew what to eat in order to gain muscle or to lose body fat? The Isometrics Nutrition Program provides these answers in a simple and easy to follow format. The Nutrition program is divided into two parts. Part 1 is for all who desire to shed fat. It doesn't require calorie or nutrient counting and you even enjoy 2 cheat days to consume whatever you want. Part 2 teaches you how to gain mass. By eating the right foods, you can increase testosterone and build muscle. STOP, spinning your wheels and let the program guide you.

    8 Weeks Meal Log Sheets

    These easy-to-use food charts hold you accountable so that you can achieve your goals. But don't worry, you're not weighing your food, counting calories or nutrients. Plus, you are allowed to eat as much as you like. You will have a specific list of foods to eat from 5 days a week but will be given 2 cheat days. How great is that plan?!

    Isometrics Recipe ebook

    The Isometrics Nutrition Recipe ebook will teach you over 20 recipes that are easy to make. All the recipes are compatible with the muscle building/fat loss programs.

    Here are some of the tasty recipes you'll learn...
    Beef Stroganoff
    Cod Fish with Mango Sauce
    Mexican Layered Tortillas
    One Minute Omelet
    Ultra Breakfast Protein Smoothie
    Chocolate Protein Pudding
    And More!

    My FULL Money Back Personal Guarantee

    Have You Ever Had Buyer’s Remorse?

    When I was a child my brother and I would go to the party store to buy candy. We would purchase different items but as soon as we walked out of the door I would regret what I had chosen and want what he bought. Drat! I hated that feeling.

    We live in a day in age where we have many choices. I am confident that you’ll LOVE Isometrics Strength so much that I am offering a “No Questions Asked FULL Your Money Back Guarantee”.

    Here’s How It Works:

    1. You purchase the program. If you take a look at it and think, “Hmmm… this isn’t quite what I wanted.” OR You give the program a try and aren’t happy with how things are going… I will give you ALL OF YOUR  money back, no questions asked. And you’ll be able to keep the program on me. Here’s what to do…

    2. Email me (My personal email is and say “Todd, I purchased the Isometrics Strength Program and would like a full refund. My receipt number is XXXXXX. Thanks dude!”

    3. I’ll respond with the following email:

    Hey, ____. Thanks so much for trying out Isometrics Strength. Sorry it wasn’t a good fit for you. I just refunded your initial purchase in full. Cheers!


    THAT’S IT! No Questions Asked. No Shakedown. Just Quality & Speedy Customer Service.

    Todd’s Isometrics Strength program is the real deal.  As a life long martial artist, I appreciate his references to his own martial arts background as it relates to the program.  But I was blown away by the scientific references Todd incorporates to demonstrate the effectiveness of his methods.  Whether you are looking for alternative training methods when rehabbing injuries or striving to get an extra strength edge, I highly recommend Isometrics Strength.

    Vic Magary


    What Are Customers Saying About The Program?

    Purchased the program the day it came out.  I am over-awed with the quality of the product and the amount of research and time you put into developing it.

    On awaking, I am now doing the total body isometrics part of the program. I also do them during the day if feel the need.  Your Isometrics Program is an incredible value for helping build strength and the knowledge it can impart on your life.

    Lee Lybarger

    I just purchased your isometrics training program and I am loving it! I just started yesterday but I went through the full workout like you outline and today I am really feeling it. :) It actually feels like I worked out at the gym lifting weights.

    I'm excited at the prospect of this program as it is something I can really get into. I love that there is no movement and you can still create tension in your muscles. I was spent after the workout even though I didn't move any body parts.

    Joe Peck

    I want to let you know that I just completed my 1st Isometrics Strength Workout. I did it in my office during lunch time. Took 38 minutes and I am sweaty! That's from a guy who has been training since 1999, doing sprints, conditioning 4-5 times a week and playing hockey.

    François Péloquin

    You Have Questions? We Have Answers...


    Yes! There are numerous studies that show at least a 5% increase in cross-sectional area after performing an isometrics program. Cross-sectional area means the girth or “wideness” of a certain body part. The amount of strength in your muscles have also been proven to increase tremendously, even when compared to concentric and eccentric workout regimens. The Isometrics Strength program will guide you through a 30 minute workout done 3-4 times a week that incorporates the right methods to build strength and size using isometrics.


    Isometrics alone will not help you lose body fat. Fat is lost or gained in the kitchen. That’s why we have included a full nutritional plan for you to follow. As you go through the 8 week program, you will see your body fat drop. However, realize that this is not a one-trick-pony. It is a way of life that supports optimal vitality long-term.


    Honestly, this is up to you. The Isometrics Strength program outlines a schedule of 3-4 times per week. But, if you already have a strength program that you are following than you can use it as an “add on.” The second part of the workout only takes 3-5 minutes to complete. This makes it a great finisher to any workout.


    The only way for your muscles to grow is after they are torn down. Strength training is the means in which muscles are torn. The most traditional method is weight lifting. When you lift a weight that is challenging for a muscle, it tears muscle fibers and rebuilds stronger. Isometrics are the same thing. When you put your muscle through a static contraction, yielding contraction and overcoming contraction it engages all of those same muscle fibers in a way that challenges it, tears the tissue down, and forces it to rebuild stronger. The muscle fibers in your muscle don’t know that they aren’t lifting a weight. They only know tension. And tension is the key to muscle breakdown.


    Absolutely. You may already have a strength training program that you currently perform. Isometrics are a great additional method that will “finish off” your muscle even more than if you were to do your current program alone. In Isometrics Strength, I teach you the 50/40/10 Rule in how to properly add isometrics to your current program.


    Isometrics Strength is a digital download product so you’ll get access to the program right away. No need to wait for shipping and you can access it from your computer, smart phone or tablet.


    Building strength and muscle is a journey. It's a process that takes time. I’m not going to tell you that you’ll look like Arnie after a couple sessions. Strength, like anything of value, takes blood, sweat and tears to gain. That said, if you follow the workout plan and nutrition program closely you will see a noticeable difference in your physique and strength over the course of the 8 weeks.


    Nope. That’s the great thing about Isometrics. You don’t need any equipment. Your body and the wall will be all the resistance you’ll need. So, unless you’re in the middle of the Sahara desert you should be all set! 😉


    Of course! Isometric exercises are a form of strength training. Women, like men, need to strength train in order to have a nice physique. The major difference between isometrics and other forms of exercise is that you aren't moving your joints while you exert tension. Women can benefit from this form of exercise just as much as men.

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    The Isometrics Strength Program is a digital product. You will not receive anything in the mail. You will, however, receive instant access to an easy-to-follow program that will help build muscle and strength.

    Your 100% Satisfaction Is Backed By My FULL Money Back Guarantee. Return it at any time within 8 weeks of purchasing it and receive your money back.
    No questions asked.

    One of the most neglected areas of strength is Isometric Training.  The reason for this is there are no fancy exercise gadgets to sell you like magazines and other giant companies want you to do. Isometric Training deals with using your own body to build a strong foundation so that you can experience permanent strength and conditioning gains. A lot of the legends we read about in “old school” muscle magazines used this style of training because it was so effective and actually WORKED! So if you are looking for a way to develop your conditioning and strength, I highly suggest you use Todd’s Isometrics Strength Training Program.

    Anthony Alayon


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